Teletalk 3G Internet Pack

 Welcome to Teletalk 3G Internet Pack. All Teletalk Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer. To get Teletalk 3G Internet Package. If you want to more information about Teletalk 3G Internet offer, Read this full Article.

Teletalk 3G Internet Pack

Teletalk 3G Internet pack Details:

Internet PackageVolumeValidityPriceShort Code (Postpaid)Short Code  (Prepaid)
Regular 3G Internet

(512 Kbps)

8 MB1 dayTk.2RP1R1
25 MB1 dayTk. 5RP3R3
100 MB3 daysTk. 15RP5R5
500 MB30 daysTk.120RP7R7
1 GB10 daysTk.140 RP9R9
1 GB30 daysTk.180RP11R11
2 GB30 daysTk.270RP13R13
5 GB30 daysTK. 500RP16R16
10 GB30 DaysTK. 750RP19R19
25 GB30 daysTk.1050RP22R22

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