Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016

Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016

Welcome to Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016! From 15th July 2016, Robi Internet Users will get Up to 10GB Internet by Recharging 596 TK, Up to 8GB Internet by Recharging 449 TK, Up to 5.75GB Internet by Recharging 316 TK or Up to 4GB Internet by Recharging 209 TK. Follow the Below Table and Then Recharge to Enjoy Robi bonus Internet Offer 2016.

Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016

Main InternetTotal Internet
USSD activation codeUSSD Price (Excl. VAT+SD+SC)Recharge PriceValidity
Auto Renew
4608 MBUp to 10GB*8444*4000#49959628DaysYes
3 GBUp to 8GB*8444*92#37744928DaysYes
2 GBUp to 5.75GB*8444*85#264.5531628DaysYes
1 GBUp to 4GB*8444*500#17520928DaysYes

Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016 Additional Information:

  • Customers who will purchase the above packs from USSD or EL they will get extra internet
  • Data volume can be used in 2G and 3G network environment.
  • Subscribers will get an internet level usage warning in 50%, 80% and 100% level.
  • All the bonus packs are with 28days validity and for 24 hours. Usage
  • For internet balance check dial *8444*88#
  • The Bonus will be disbursed within 48hrs.
  • Minimum extra internet is 500MB
  • The Main internet pack will be disbursed first and then the bonus internet will be given in phases

Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016 FAQ’s:

Question: Who (Postpaid and Prepaid) is eligible for the bonus offer?

Answer: Prepaid/Postpaid users

Question: Which package is eligible for this bonus?

Answer: Only above listed USSD/EasyLoad packs are applicable.

Question: When I will get the Bonus Internet?

Answer: Within 48 hours after purchasing the main pack.

Question: How many times can I get the bonus data?

Answer: Several times.

Question: Where Can I use the Bonus data in 3G/2G network?

Answer: You can use for any browsing sessions as there is no limitation on usage.

Question: Is there any time band in bonus pack?

Answer: There is no time band on bonus pack.

Question: Is there any USSD code for this bonus?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What bonus will I get this offer?

Answer: As listed above based on your previous usage, internet ARPU etc. you will be

Eligible for the corresponding bonus volume

Question: Where can the customer get this bonus?

Answer: Automatically customer will get the bonus on his/her data balance separately. To check internet balance dial *8444*88#.

If you have any Question about the Robi Bonus Internet Offer 2016, Please feel Free to ask here.We will provide you the Eaxct Solution about Robi Recharged Based Bonus Internet Offer 2016. Thank you for being with us.

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